CelebrityNinjas is moving to our parent platform API Ninjas.

Our API is already available as the Celebrity API at API Ninjas. We will continue to operate CelebrityNinjas until the end of 2022. Thank you for your support!

Celebrity Information Database

Find age, net worth, and other data on 100,000+ famous people

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Find your favorite celebrities

Our database provides a trove of interesting information on all your favorite celebrities - past and present.

We're also constantly adding more interesting celebrity facts and new celebrities everyday!

Most frequently searched stats

Our database provides the most sought after information on celebrities, including age, height, net worth, and occupation

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We've surfaced our celebrity database as a simple yet powerful API for developers. From trivia apps to pop culture education, our API can provide well-structured celebrity data for your application.

Most of our developers successfully use our API within 10 minutes of signing up - a figure we're truly proud of. With our easy integration, you can focus on what's truly important: building out your application.